The garden and the surrounding environment

A natural environment full of charm …

Morning mists on the garden …

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Swamp side …

The garden of 2000m², south facing and fully enclosed, is decorated with a pond with water lilies and a pond with goldfish.

The covered terrace extends pleasantly the kitchen, with a clear view on the marsh.

Several garden lounges allow you to enjoy the shade or the sun depending on the different hours of the day.

      grand jardin clos avec son bassin et sa mare aux nénuphars Le jardin en été 

On the river …

One can admire the superb bridge of the XIIth century which spans the Sèvre Niortaise.

Over the water you can see the swans, ducks and hens of water that will gladly approach if you throw them dry bread.

A pontoon on the Sèvre is at your disposal to fish (think to take your fishing card).

    La rivière, sa faune et sa flore à la porte

Fishing on the Sèvre Niortaise


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